Quiksilver New Star 2013

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The most extreme event of the winter shaking up slopes of Igora

On March, 9th the most spectacular event of this winter, the Quiksilver New Star by Nokia, took place just off Saint-Petersburg. Russia’s top snowboarders and well as best European stars, freeskiers and world-level aces of snowmobile riding, the KAMAZ-master team headed by Edward Nikolayev – they all gathered on the slopes of Igora ski resort in order to stretch and showcase their limits in front of 10 000 spectators.

The chilly yet sunny day went off with a swish from under the skis of the freestylers – with freeski being a brand new discipline for the Quiksilver New Star by Nokia; and it sure stood strong against snowboarding in terms of its visual appeal. The massive big-air designed and built by Geoffrey Bostwick of Colorado had the big players of the ski freestyle from Russia and Europe throw sw 1260s, 900 tails and cork 900 mutes like there’s no tomorrow. The top 3 riders in the end of the day were Thomas Ritsch, Rene Schawabl and Pavel Karamyshev.

The major part of the event was represented by the 4* TTR World Tour snowboarding competition. This year there was not a single soul who wouldn’t just love the snowboarders’ 20-meter jump – including the spectators, not just the riders. The favourite rider of the event and the winner of last year’s New Star battle, Alexey Sobolev came on top of things yet again, taking the 1st spot, all equipped with high-amplitude and stylish tricks – such as fs 900 tail and sw double cork 900 mute. The big-air 2011 World champion Petja Petja Piiroinen came in second, having landed a bs double cork 1080 mute and a fs 900 tail. Henri Lakkonen took the third place honours back to his Finnish homeland.
Alexey Sobolev: “Somehow I’m not super emotional about my win – I must be really tired, I guess. I’ve been practicing really hard over the few days leading up to the event, and I loved it – not least thanks to the jump. It’s perfect! I just want to stay here and never leave for Europe. Sure, the weather was not its best: the strong wind that blew right in my face wasn’t really helping me pick up speed. It didn’t bother me too much though: I love competing – it’s a way of having a good time, spending time with my friends.”

It was also the third time that the slopes of Igora witnessed the heavy-duty freestyle show, and the crowd was hyped once again. The backflips (backward somersaults) with massive airs on a huge machine performed by a multiple X-Games Best Trick winner Daniel Bodin, as well as tricks by the longest-air record holder Jimmy Blaze, made the spectators literally catch their breaths and scream in awe.

The performance by the KAMAZ-master team was welcomed by inspired cheering – Edward Nikolayev, the team captain, has been increasingly popular after his team’s victory in the Paris-Dakar 2013 rally. Many could still remember the sight of the uber-heavy KAMAZ vehicle flying off the jump back from the previous year.
Edward Nikolayev, KAMAZ-master team: “It’s the second year running that KAMAZ-master team is taking part in the winter event of Quiksilver New Star by Nokia thanks to Red Bull’s kind invitation. It’s a huge honour for us, and it is always an interesting new experience. Firstly, winter is a genuine challenge for a 9-ton KAMAZ and its summer-season tires; secondly, events like this attract top-of-the-league riders, all true aces of their craft, which is fantastic!”

The evening was reserved for the most visually outstanding part – the Nokia Crossover Session: all the participants of all the disciplines rode the same jumps together – at the same time, and the spectators picked the best of the night. The live act of a Moscow-bred indie rock band Biting Elbows was like a cherry on a cake: the guitar riffs accompanied the snowmobiles, skiers, snowboarders and the KAMAZ truck flying all over the night sky. The spectators nominated Daniel Bodin’s snowmobile performance as the most visually spectacular, with this particular title – Top Discipline of the Quiksilver New Star 2013 by Nokia – going out to snowmobiling.

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Quiksilver NEW STAR 2013 Timing

Quiksilver NEW STAR Timing


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Quiksilver NEW STAR 2013 by Nokia

The main event of the winter season returns to Igora!

On March 9th, 2013 Nokia will be presenting the largest extreme event of this winter season – the Quiksilver NEW STAR. Apart from the top-notch world-class snowboarding by Quiksilver that has long become a tradition for this event, the spectators will be treated to performances by the top skiers of Russia and Europe, mind-blowing tricks by the snowmobile freestyle legends and highly memorable stunts of the KAMAZ-master team headed by the Dakar-2013 rally winner Edward Nikolayev. Red Bull is supporting special jumps that will be built on the ski resort slopes – the snowmobiles and the 9-tonn truck will be getting airborne off these just like the snowboarders and the skiers.

Top-quality visuals

The event is a 4* TTR World Snowboard Tour competition: it has twice been named Event of the Year awards (2011 and 2012) by the Russian Snowboard Awards.

A unique atmosphere, the highly complex multi-profile course tailored for the contest, stylish and powerful tricks – all of those guarantee all the festival’s guests an unparalleled positive vibe. According to the organizers’ provisional estimates, the number of spectators will top 10 000 people: the festival has long outgrown its “purely action sports” self and transformed into a “must-attend” for anyone even remotely interested in action sports and winter leisure. Apart from the impressive sports component of the event you should brace yourself for the fabulous rock-do by the festival’s headliners – the Biting Elbows band. (http://bitingelbows.ru)

As of today, the Quiksilver NEW STAR is the largest Eastern European event of the TTR World Snowboard Tour. The Igora ski resort has allocated its central slope for the creative and complex slopestyle course that will have everyone in awe this year yet again. The slope is not only perfectly suitable for building jumps and obstacles of required level, but also guarantees the best overview for the spectators, at the same time hosting not just the jumps, but an entertainment zone with various activities, show-rooms and a discount Quiksilver pop-up store.

The sound prize purse will be contested by many outstanding Russian riders this year, including Andrey Moskvin, Alexey Sobolev, Mikhail Ilyin, and others.

Please follow the updates, and see you all on the slopes of Igora on March, 9th at 2 p.m.!

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Best moments Quiksilver New Star 2012

Quiksilver New Star’12 Highlights from Quiksilver Russia on Vimeo.

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KAMAZ-Master at Quiksilver New Star 2012

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KAMAZ-Master Team tests New Star track

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Quiksilver New Star LIve

This year on 10th of March in Saint-Petersburg is coming the great international snowboard event in Russia. 4-Star TTR event gather best russian and european riders Fredrik Austbo(NOR), Mathias Weissenbacher(AUS). Sergey Lapushkin(RUS), Teo Konttinen(FIN), Alexey Sobolev(RUS), Felix Mobarg(SWE) etc. will battle it out in front of a crowd of snowboard fans for glory, respect and 15 000 USD.

Best slopestyle course, amazing perfomance from FSX show and Truck show by KAMAZ-master and live conсert by Trouble Andrew don’t leave you indifferent.

Become the part of Quiksilver New Star. Watch the live streaming !!!