Biting Elbows at Quiksilver NEW STAR 2013!

Biting Elbows is an all-time guarantee for “hardcore unstoppable fun”. The Rolling Stone magazine has labeled them “the Russian Arctic Monkeys”. Yet in some sense the Biting Elbows have even outperformed the Arctic Monkeys, since their Insane Office Escape video has generated over 2 mln. views all across the world!

5 facts about the Biting Elbows:
  1. According to the Buro 24/7, the December voting revealed the Moscow-bred indie rockers Biting Elbows as the musical “breakthrough of the year”, making their fans and true patriots of Russia genuinely happy.
  2. Ilya Naishuller, the lead vocalist of the band, has never performed in Russian.
  3. The base for the Biting Elbows was at some point in time played by the son of an ambassador of Nigeria.
  4. The band films all of its videos by itself.
  5. 5. The vocalist of the band, Ilya Naishuller, is married to a charming actress Daria Charusha.


Biting Elbows: the make-up
  • Ilya Naishuller (lead vocals)
  • Ilya “Condor” Condratiev (base)
  • Garik (guitar)
  • Alexey Zamarayev (drums)
Biting Elbows Biting Elbows (2011)
Biting Elbows Dope Fiend Massacre (2011)

Alexander Kapustin

He’s already bagged an International Moscow Motor Racing, show event in his career, being the host of the Red Bull Racing Team Formula-1 rally in Moscow Also the host of the FIRST RUSSIANRed Bull FLUGTAG.







Dj Knaf

A legend of a kind of the Russian skateboarding and snowboarding scenes, a permanent presence at all the street contests, premiere shows, parties and presentations! A natural showman and a host of his own Park Police online rubric (producing regular reports on the Russian skate and snow parks for the Internet viewers).



LAME DJ’s is a duo that was born in Moscow in 2008: DJ Vitalik Kotov and DJ Eugene Belevtsev. The guys are currently a regular presence at most of the Russian action sports events, ranging from street festivals to snowboard camps, becoming an integral part of the extreme culture.

Dj Tanya Darguzhas


Snowboarding was her career starting point. It led to founding of the Heli Pro company – a business that organizes snowboarding and skiing trips to the most remote and hard-to-access mountains involving helicopter travel: New Zealand, Greenland, Chile, Alaska, the Antarctic, etc. Such extensive travel helped Tanya gather an impressive collection of vinyls from all sorts of countries and continents. Most of the collection is made up of original editions. That’s how the whole DJ thing came to be.

It took Tanya Darguzhas not that long to become a resident at some of the Moscow’s top venues, such as the GIPSY, the ROLLING STONE BAR, the BAR KLAVA, the DENIS SIMACHEV BAR, the KISA BAR, the ART ACADEMY, KARABAS and MANDARINE.