This year the vibe will go through the roof!

A unique and breathtaking snowmobile show will make many spectators literally catch their breath as the most dangerous tricks in the sports’ history are performed, including the backflip (a backward somersault) with a 200+ kilograms worth of vehicle in the air! This year the vibe will go through the roof, as the slopes welcome Daniel Bodin, a three-time gold winner of the Winter X-Games, as the headliner of the snowmobile show, joined by Anders Ericsson and Marcus Nordin.

 The real sports battle!

The highlight of the Quiksilver NEW STAR 2013 event is going to be the Nokia Crossover Session – a real sports battle for all of the festival’s participants, with the winner to be determined by the spectators. Riders from all of the disciplines (Snowboard, Freeski, Snowmobile Freestyle, Truck Show) will have 15 minutes to showcase the most complex and visually compelling program, shredding the jumps together.

This year Quiksilver has prepared a great surprise for the ski-lovers

The NEW STAR program now officially includes the freeski part, otherwise known as the ski freestyle. The best Russian riders and members of the Quiksilver European team will stand strong against the snowboarders in terms of the visuals of the show and the complexity of tricks.



Ura Tychinsky
Country: Russia
Age: 25
Sponsors: Amplid, Electric
Been riding: 10 years
Andrey Anyfriev
Country: Russia
Age: 2
Sponsors: Virus-boardwear, Bump-club, Dominant, El Contrabando store
Konstantin Vetoshkin
Country: Russia
Age: 21
Sponsors: Armada, Waxx , Bula , Adidas
Hobby: fishing
Pavel Karamyshev
Country: Russia
Age: 28
Sponsors: Armada skis, Igora
Grisha Fuzeev
Country: Russia
Age: 25
Sponsors: Trial-Sport, Bump, GoPro
Magnus Solheim
Country: Norway
Age: 23
Sponsors: Rossignol Skis, Huffda
Torge Nagel
Country: Norway
Age: 19
Sponsors: K2, Ziener, Icetools, Häxa
Hobby: traveling, skiing, filming

A seven-time Dakar racing winner will also make an appearance at Igora!

For the first time ever in the history of snowboarding the Quiksilver New Star at Igora will be visited by the legendary KAMAZ-Master team, which is iconic in both Russian and international auto rally world. On their way back from scorching Peru, where the Dakar-2012 rally terminates this year, the members of the team will pop in to the event for a few hours of madness – and this is where you can witness the power and the glory of their offroad “warship”. As one should be aware, KAMAZ is scared of nothing – be that sand dunes, or snowy mountains, these monsters deal with obstacles in such a manner that will take your breath away. Not to mention that the team has promised to put on a bit of a show, so the spectators should be anticipating a proper snow storm from “the kings of the desert”. KAMAZ-Master is a team with more than 20 years of history behind its back. This is the only team in the international elite category that develops, designs and puts together its racing vehicles all by itself on the basis of KAMAZ chassis, and performs with them at various competitions and events.

The history of KAMAZ-Master is a story of outstanding achievements in Russian auto sports. There is no other Russian team that made triple winner of the Offroad Rally World Cup, as well as that can boast multiple prizes and ten winning team titles for the Dakar trans-continental marathon, which is top difficulty and top prestige both.

Apart from participating in rallies of all sorts, the team is always keen to excite the crowd with spectacular performances in auto sports shows, as well as impress by co-launching creative and smashing projects.