The hospitable ski resort Igora located about 54 km from St.-Petersburg, it’s about one hour of driving. Visitors of a resort – professional fans of life: all people who loves to rest and comfort.

Infrastructure of Igora resort allows to accept the most highest level events.
On Igora resort location:

1. Restaurant of high kitchen «Le Chalet»
2. Grand Cafe
4. Comfortable hotel
5. Cozy cottages
6. Spa complex: pool of 25* 10 m, sauna, gym, beauty salon
7. Ice Palace: ice arena, bowling-club on 8 paths, cinema, curling, billiard hall, Panoramic restaurant and Sushi-bar, children’s slot machines, conference center.

First persons of the state visit Igora resort.
Igora offers so comfortable conditions of residing, that most of visitors prefer stay here for a few days.
Igora it’s always hospitality and flawless service!


The mounting ski resort Igora actively take part in lives of the Russian snowboarding: About a few years Igora supports stages the Cup of Russia, organize snowboard events, supports snowboard team, on Igora location one of the best training snowboard park of Russia.

This resort location in 54 km from St.-Petersburg on Priozersk highway. Reach us very easily and quickly. Therefore you can always visitit Igora after work. You can reach to Igora by car, by train, by bus.


If you decide reach to Igora by car, you needed 6 liters of petrol. Approximate time in a way – 1 hour. Be attentive – Priozersk highway abound in dangerous liftings and turns. The way on Igora across village Agalatovo. After Agalatovo highway A-129. location map


There are two parking places on Igora. First – charageable, it location practically at the beginning of slopes. This parking is calculated about 200 cars. Second is free on 500 places, it’s located in 5 minutes from slope.


New bus №897 St/Petersburg – Igora from “Devyatkino” station

  • From “Devyatkino”: 8:00, 10:50, 14:10, 17:10, 20:40
  • From “Igora”: 7:30, 12:20, 15:20, 18:20, 21:50* * – arrival to “Ozerki” station

Bus № 859 St.Petersburg – Igora from “Devyatkino” station